How to start a career in modeling

Modeling?  Where to start…

It can be a difficult task to consider all of the potential options when it comes to starting a modeling career.  Before the internet there were very few options and most were very expensive.  Fortunately you can now gain instant exposure by using social networking tools and websites.  But this still leaves you with the difficult choice of where to start and what type of modeling you wish to do.

For example many people are under the impression that you must be tall to be a model.  While this is true to certain types of modeling, it is not required for all types.  Runway models and high fashion models usually need to be at least 5’9 to qualify.  However there are tons of other exciting and profitable categories of modeling that do not have a height requirement.  Modeling categories such as sport, casual, swimwear, promotional, testimonials, YouTube videos, and much more!  In fact there is a high demand for average appearing models that can portray customers of promotional products.  Think about it from the perspective of the company that may hire you..  If the company is promoting a product in which they plan to advertise to everyday people then most likely they will not seek a ‘super model’ to present the product.  Also think about the various commercials and shows you watch on TV.  Many of the models are of average height, appearance and beauty.

In some cases very attractive models have been turned away from roles that require a more ‘real’ appearance.  Now this is not to say that tall and attractive models are not hired for modeling jobs, as we all know that they are. But it seems to be less known that there are a vast amount of jobs out there for individuals of all genders, age range and body types.

So this still leaves the question, where to start in your quest to find modeling jobs?  The best option and most relevant in today’s age is a modeling social network dedicated to companies, agencies and independent models.  Think of Facebook, but dedicated toward models!  The concept is to provide a website in which people of all ranges of appearance, age and gender can easily display their talents and gain the exposure needed to succeed in the field of modeling (or acting).  Such a website can be found at and the best part is that you can register and start your own online model portfolio free.  This is another important aspect to consider, the cost.  Many companies actually charge modeling talent and this can be an indication of a potential scam.  Consider the fact that you are the talent.  This means you are the person that provides the fuel to run the modeling agency and you should never be charged for such a service.

It is also important to consider the list of services you will receive from an online modeling agency.  In order to be successful you must gain the maximum amount of exposure and have an online portfolio that can be viewed from any internet connected device.  Think about the ‘instant’ fame that can be achieved these days with viral videos.  This type of instant exposure was impossible 10 years ago.  However if the online agency offers promotion via their website, social media (including FB and YouTube) private blogs and networks, and newsletter listings then you stand a much better chance of success.  Some clients may find you through the agency website while others may find you through a YouTube video or FB post.  Either way the more places you are the better chance you will have in being hired for modeling jobs.

Another important way to start your modeling career is to apply for various casting calls.  A casting call is a pre-production process for selecting a cast of actors, dancers, singers, models and other talent for a live or recorded performance.  The casting process somewhat involves a series of auditions before a casting panel, composed of individuals such as the producer, director and/or choreographer. In the early stages of the process, performers often may present prepared audition pieces such as monologues or songs. These audition pieces are usually video taped, attached with resumes, and head shots and then shared with producers, directors and studio representatives. Later stages may involve groups of actors attempting material from the work under consideration in various combinations; the casting director considers both the talent of the individual actors and the chemistry of their combination. provides a free listing of current casting calls from all over the world and this list is updated regularly.  You can apply to any casting call you feel matches your talents free and the companies you apply to will be able to view your online portfolio, list of talents and connect with you securely through a private message system!

Location is also no longer an issue.  In the past potential models needed to move to New York, Paris, or some other large city in the hopes of being discovered.  This is no longer needed.  If you have an internet connection and you are listed on you will be seen by the top agencies and clients from anywhere in the world.

For more information on modeling jobs, please check out the webpage modeling jobs. Take a moment and visit the site casting calls section for further details on available castings, the main categories, the list of jobs opened and other important terms and conditions.


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